Fluid Player updated to Version 3

Fluid Player, the free, open-source, HTML5 video player has been updated to version 3. The player has undergone a major modernization of the codebase significantly improving code quality and improving the player stability. More than 60 bugs and issues were fixed in version 3 improving compatibility, responsiveness and rendering of the player. 

Other news as part of the update includes:

  • Fluid Player is now available on NPM
  • Fluid Player is now distributed as an ES6 module and is ready to be used with dynamic pages and single page applications, as well as complex frontend projects.
  • Fluid Player is ready to use with dynamic frontend frameworks like React, Vue.js and others.
  • CDN distribution of Fluid Player now ships with embedded stylesheets and graphics reducing the number of web requests and improving the responsiveness of the player.
  • Fluid Player’s documentation has been redesigned and updated to allow for smoother onboarding, including examples of integration with Vue.js and React projects.

The Fluid Player website has also been redesigned and features a demo video highlighting some of the player’s key features. The Player Builder has also been updated giving publishers and developers an easy to use customization tool that allows the testing out of features and customizations in real time while automatically generating the relevant code. The generated code can then be cut and pasted directly into a website using Fluid Player as it’s video player. The website also includes links to the new documentation and GitHub, and useful blog articles on how to get the best out of Fluid Player.

Existing version 2 Fluid Player users are recommended to upgrade to the new version here.

Visit https://www.fluidplayer.com/ for more details