How can I install and set up Fluid Player on my website?

Getting Fluid Player installed on your website is as easy as following this Quick Setup guide.
Alternatively, if you are using Wordpress, you can use the plugin here.

How do I place ads in my videos with Fluid Player?

If you are using the standard version, follow the steps from our Ad Configuration section to add the XML or VAST code to your player.
If you are using the Wordpress widget, you need to put the XML or VAST code after the “vast_file” parameter in your code. More information here.

Is Fluid Player compatible with streaming files?

Yes. Our player accepts .mpd and .m3u8 files, each of them using a specific type of script. More information with code samples here.

Is it possible for users to download the video that I am playing with Fluid Player?

By default, this option is not switched on, but you can enable it by setting “allowDownload” to “true” in your Fluid Player settings. More information here.
Alternatively, you can add a custom link in your player where you can show users a URL. If you put in this URL the download link of the video, you can redirect users to this URL and let them get the file. More information here

Can I change the size of the player?

You can put the player inside a container of your choice and then make it “adapt” to this container. More information here.

Is Fluid Player compatible with Hosted (embed) video sources?

No. All video files should be uploaded to your website server.

The player controls are not hiding when I’m viewing the videos on full screen. How can I fix this?

Make sure that you have “autoHide” set to “True” in your player settings. More information here.

Is there any way I can test the player or view a live sample before downloading it?

Sure! You can play with the settings in our Fluid Player builder.